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Does your agency demonstrate an in-depth understanding of advertising with Pay Per Click? Do they help you understand your results?  At The Morganelli Agency®, we have the tools and expertise necessary to ensure you are maximizing your online advertising efforts. Most advertisers don’t really know what a well executed campaign looks like. Our team is Google Adwords Certified and SEM Rush Academy Certified.   Before you waste time and money with other “marketers”, contact us to learn more about our agency, search, display and social media marketing.

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Did you know that inexperienced Pay Per Click (PPC) marketers leave millions of dollars in opportunity on the table every day?  That’s because it is extremely easy for an inexperienced marketer to make costly mistakes.  If you are currently allocating budget towards PPC and you either don’t understand or haven’t heard some of the following phrases, it’s time to give our agency a call.

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Campaign Specific Goals – What are you trying to accomplish with the campaign and what does success look like? At The Morganelli Agency®, we apply our Analyze, Stabilize and Grow methodology into everything we do. That ensures we understand the purpose behind everything we do. We work with our clients to establish specific, actionable and measurable goals.


Marketing AutomationNegative Keywords, Broad Match, Modified Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact match –  If you are advertising on Google yourself and don’t understand the basic premise of match types, immediately pause your campaign and give us a call.  If we had to guess, you are probably getting a lot of clicks and not a lot of traction. The good news is we can help!


Landing Page DesignLanding Page Optimization and A/B Testing –  Nothing is worse than sending a prospective customer to a landing page that doesn’t convert to one of your campaign specific goals. Additionally, advertising requires marketing. Marketing is the science behind how/why ads convert. PPC advertising enables you to become a bit of a mad scientist by using data to understand your marketplace and then create multiple advertisements to realize which one reaches its greatest potential.


Conversion Rates –  You have to remember that search advertising providers are in business to make the most amount of money they can. In doing so, they provide suggestions to “maximize” your campaigns. The newbie mistake of the century is focusing too much on getting traffic and too little on getting the prospect to take a desired action. Very simply… getting a click costs you money, getting a conversion makes you money.


Getting the results you want, isn’t as easy as just putting something out there. Research, goals and bidding strategies are enough to make most people’s eyes glaze over. Not us! We love the game and how it’s played, the question is are you on the winning team? Contact The Morganelli Agency® today.

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