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ANY business involved in or just getting started with digital marketing can see major benefits from the use of marketing automation. Furthermore, marketing automation has quickly become a game-changer for companies that implement an automation solution in conjunction with their current digital and traditional marketing strategy. Automation is for everyone — from the sole entrepreneur to the CMO, and everyone in between. In conclusion, as with many industries, the term Marketing Automation comes with its own confusing jargon. The good news is that the basic ideas of marketing automation really aren’t  that complicated and for a limited time, we are providing a free download to “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation”. Simply fill out the form to get your copy emailed directly to you. 

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Automation enables hyper-personalized conversations and as a result, widens the traditional marketing funnel.  Since today’s consumers require unique individual and ongoing, two-way, hyper-personalized conversations Marketing Automation uses a full suite of advanced features (listed below) to get the job done.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

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Behavior-Based Email

CRM & Sales Automation

Anonymous Visitor ID

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Simple. Intelligent. Designed For Everyone.

Connect to hundreds of 3rd-party software providers with APIs and Zapier integration. Truly make the platform your own by rebranding emails, notifications, reports and even the app itself. Rest assured your data is safe on our encrypted, secure and scalable platform.

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