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Not sure if call tracking is for you? If you’re like most businesses, you spend a lot of money marketing your business on a daily basis, but how do you know what’s working? From your efforts online to those offline, The Morganelli Agency® is here to help you learn what’s working and what’s not.

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What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking opens a plethora of opportunities to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Through our intuitive and easy to use dashboard, you can analyze call trends, listen to recordings, design and deploy campaign tracking and analytics in minutes. Whether you are looking for a call tracking solution for a single use or you are an enterprise looking for an agency to manage your call tracking and analytics, you have come to the right place.  Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss which solution will work best for your individual needs.

At The Morganelli Agency® we understand the true value of data. It is our mission to help our clients grow by identifying key metrics that help them deliver internal and external results. Contact us today to learn more about how to put call tracking to work for your business.

Call Tracking Features

  • Real-Time Call Analytics
  • Call Recording
  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers
  • SMS for Business
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Google AdWords Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Keyword Call Tracking
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Email Notifications
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Advanced Reporting

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Learn More About How Call Tracking Works

Clear and Intuitive Real-time Dashboard

View your phone calls in real-time, and quickly access powerful account features all through our interactive, simple, and intuitive dashboard. You’ll be able to see which marketing campaigns are driving phone call leads, view full caller ID data, and gain valuable phone call insights.

  • View known good leads and shorten lead response time.
  • Listen to call recordings and categorize call data with tags so you immediately know the caller’s intent.
  • Discover which PPC keywords and marketing sources are driving calls to your business.
  • Compare data for customized date ranges to discover trends in one central and convenient location.

The Call Management Dashboard is exported as a .csv, so you can share your phone call data with clients and colleagues.

Local call tracking numbers ensure your customers and leads know where your business resides. Whether you need tracking phone numbers in your hometown or in another state, we offer phone numbers in more than 300 area codes in the USA and Canada.

Toll-Free Tracking Phone Numbers: 888, 877, 866

Our toll-free phone numbers will help you project a national image to your customers, without burdening them with long-distance fees. We have thousands of toll-free 888, 877, and 866 phone numbers you can use to better track your customers nationwide

Instant Tracking Phone Number Setup

When you’re setting up a new marketing campaign, you can’t wait days for your tracking phone number to go live. With call tracking, you can choose a unique phone number to track in your online dashboard and feel good knowing it’s ready for calls instantly.

Get Deeper Insights from Call Tracking in Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics and Google AdWords integrations allow you to send your calls to Google Analytics and report phone calls as conversions in Google AdWords. These insights give you a complete view of your PPC and website campaigns to really understand what’s working. The integration also makes reporting easier so you can quickly share your successes with those who need to know.

How Our Call Tracking Google Analytics Integration Works

Our platform integrates with your existing Google Analytics account. Every time someone calls your tracking number, we send the call straight to your Analytics account. You can view your call tracking data alongside other granular visitor events, all in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Our Google Analytics call tracking integration offers a more complete way to report and analyze information in Analytics, giving you more insight into visitor interactions than ever before. The integration is quick and easy to set up, and will give you the actionable data you need to help make important decisions about your marketing strategies.

Classic and Universal Integrations

Our platform integrates with your existing Google Analytics account. Every time someone calls your tracking number, we send the call to your Google Analytics account.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

With our Google Analytics integration, you can set up goals for calls and track them as conversions, create advanced segments for “callers,” and use phone calls as a stage in multi-channel conversion funnel.

  • Set up goals in Google Analytics for calls and track them as conversions.
  • Create advanced segments for “callers.”
  • Use phone calls as a stage in multi-channel conversion funnel.

These options, combined with the advanced reporting options within the platform, will provide you with a plethora of useful data.


Why is Tracking Phone Calls in Google Analytics Effective?

Call tracking in Google Analytics gives a complete view of how marketing efforts are working, enabling you to see phone calls alongside other conversions you’re tracking such as online appointment forms and newsletter signups.

Calls reported in Analytics are the crucial data piece you may be missing. Here are some more benefits to our integration:

Google Universal Analytics Integration

Using our Universal Analytics Integration will give you a more complete way to report and analyze data in Google Analytics, allowing you more insight into visitor interactions than ever before. You can view your call tracking data alongside other granular visitor events, all in the Google Analytics dashboard. Also, Universal Analytics allows you to track a specific visitor for up to two years, so you to get a better picture of long-term client behavior.

Benefits of Integrating Our Platform with Universal Analytics

  • Get a holistic view of what behavior drives online visitors to call by viewing your call tracking data along with your other online and offline data.
  • Customize your analytics and tailor reports to the specific needs of your business.
  • See a caller’s website activity before and after calling you, giving you a clearer view of caller behavior.
  • Create customized reports using information from all of the sources you’d like to track, including your phone calls, CRM data, and multiple other offline and online sources.
  • View cross-device data to attribute, allowing you to attribute activity on multiple devices to one individual user, and get insight into how different devices impact call behavior.

Direct to Google AdWords Integration

Tracking calls as conversions within Google AdWords helps you measure the full effectiveness of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Our platform’s direct integration with AdWords sends customer calls straight to your AdWords account, making it easier than ever to align campaign clicks with individual phone calls.

Our AdWords phone tracking integration allows you to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns, by capturing phone leads at the source, campaign, ad group, and keyword level via the Google AdWords API. By hooking directly into AdWords, we simplifies AdWords call tracking and offers users a real-time solution.

Salesforce call tracking integration enables you and your sales team to see phone call activity, lead attribution, and customer information all in the application. There is already a great deal of important data within your CRM, and using call tracking adds even more valuable data for your teams to use. Having all of this data combined in one place is critical to closing the loop between leads and sales, and will provide insights that can help both your sales and marketing teams improve.

Conversation intelligence technology makes it easy to qualify phone leads, letting you focus on what’s really converting. Using machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, our powerful conversation analytics takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads. Spend less time manually scoring your calls and understand the quality of a call without even having to listen to a recording.

Our WordPress plugin is easy to install and allows you to dynamically swap the phone number displayed on your website depending on where the visitor came from. The feature ensures you show the right number to the right user each time they visit your site.

For example, if you’ve created two tracking numbers (one to track visitors from Google AdWords, and one to track visitors from Yahoo PPC) just install the WordPress plugin, and we’ll automatically detect the visitor’s source and replace the phone number on your website with the appropriate tracking phone number. The WordPress plugin makes the process of enabling call tracking on your website easy. Installation is quick and the data will soon start pouring into your dashboard.

The plugin for WordPress is not the only way to use our Dynamic Number Insertion functionality. You can add the functionality to any website by installing a one-line snippet of JavaScript code onto your website.

Record Phone Calls for Valuable Feedback

The ability to record sales calls and other business-related calls gives companies access to an abundance of opportunity.

Not only does this feature provide you with insights to improve your marketing strategies, it also helps you train your employees to follow your company standards. The feedback, questions, answers, and details you gain when recording phone conversations are worthwhile and relevant because they are real-life occurrences within your business.

Using call recording software is a great way to:

  • Automatically qualify leads using CallScore, so you can spend more time on those likely to convert to sales.
  • Assess the quality of campaigns so you know where to invest time and money.
  • Provide feedback to your sales reps after listening to sales call recordings.
  • Evaluate service levels by recording customer service calls to ensure your customers receive excellent support.

SMS Messaging from Call Tracking Numbers

You can use your tracking phone numbers to send and receive sms messages. You’ll be able to initiate text messages, write back to anyone who has started an SMS conversation with you, and view any previous correspondence you (or someone else from your team) had with a customer.

In addition to being able to write back to any text messages your phone numbers receive, you can configure your numbers to alert you, and other users on your account, of any incoming texts via email.

  • Build and Update a Custom IVR
  • Custom Greeting
  • Responsive Routing
  • SIP Routing
  • Call Scheduling and Routing
  • Geo-Routing
  • Simulcall & Round Robin
  • Voicemail

Keyword Call tracking is one of our most advanced and useful features. When a visitor comes to your website following an online search, we assign a unique phone number to them during their entire stay. As long as they are on the site, they are the only one seeing that number. When they call, you will know who called and what keyword(s), pages, etc. they saw and used while they were online with you.
This is a very popular service with about one-third of all our customers taking advantage of this feedback. The data feeds directly into Google Analytics and then into Google Adwords. This means you can see phone calls as conversions!
Not only can you see which marketing sources are driving calls, but now you can drill down to the individual search keyword level for ads and link calls to specific web visitors and their actions on your site.


How Does Keyword Level Call Tracking Work?

The foundation of keyword-level call tracking is a pool of telephone numbers that belongs exclusively to your business. Every time a visitor arrives on your website, we assign them a phone number from your pool. The visitor sees this phone number the entire time they’re on your website. Each phone number is assigned to one visitor at a time, which enables CallRail to link calls directly to individual visitors.
When your business receives a call via a number in your pool, CallRail knows which visitor it was assigned to, and we can correlate that call to the source and keyword the caller used to find your business. When the visitor is finished browsing your website, we free up that phone number so it can be assigned to another visitor.

Never Miss a Lead Again

Our instant desktop and email notifications keep you plugged into your business. Each notification you receive contains valuable information that will ensure that leads are responded to quickly, and that your customers receive the service they expect.

Setup alerts using our mobile app for easy access to call data on your smartphone. Mobile notifications keep you informed on the status of your phone calls on-the-go.

Use CallRail’s call notifications to:

  • See which campaign, source, or keyword is driving a phone call.
  • View whether a call was marked as a good lead using CallScore.
  • Know who is calling your business the instant they call.
  • See any missed calls so you can follow up quickly.
  • Listen to call recordings as soon as the call is completed.