Business are getting used to this new holiday environment they find themselves. A few years back, the holiday season meant long lines, heavy foot traffic and time spent training new holiday cashiers. Now with omnichannel shopping, an increase in consumer knowledge and advancements in technology, businesses are experiencing less physical foot traffic and more web traffic. According to eMarketer (2017), “Ecommerce’s share of total retail sales during the 2017 holiday shopping season will reach a record 11.5%.” This increase in online sales will be driven by mobile commerce (mcommerce), which means that businesses with functional and easy to use mobile sites will see the most success this holiday season.

Top Tips to Making the 2017 Holiday Season Successful:
  1. Ensure you have a mobile friendly website. Consumers are using their mobile devices to not only do their research on products, brands, reviews, pricing, but are also now taking the next steps of purchasing via mcommerce.
  2. Run social advertising. During the holiday season people are more likely spending time on their phones and sifting through social media to see updates from friends and family and looking to see what others are purchasing during this time. Social advertising on Facebook and Instagram will help keep your brand top of mind in your target audience.
  3. Create relevant and engaging content. Your audience is more likely to remember your brand when they have seen something that excites, educates, or entertains them. Video content is a must-have during this holiday season.
  4. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Although there may be less people walking through your doors, there are those that don’t like the online shopping world and choose to physically go store-to-store. These consumers have chosen to get out of the comfort of their home, drive themselves to your place of business so the least you can do is provide them with a smile. We hear to often about a bad experience at a physical location that then gets told online so don’t let your standard fall flat in-store.

We can all plan to wear our elastic waistband jeans to adapt to the influx of food, but what are you doing to drive sales this holiday season?

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